Dead Horse Bay

     John Dyson got the idea for this story in 2012 when he met a student on the beach at Dead Horse Bay. The student was upset because the beach (Bottle Beach) was covered by trash that had washed out of the landfill that the beach stood on.
     John began to look for a story about Dead Horse Bay. He wanted a story with a traditional arc-plot.
     The story that John came up with was ‘save the geese.’ It followed the attempts to rescue geese near Dead Horse Bay.
     Marty and Tanisha are planning to save the Geese at New York’s Kennedy Airport. A plane leaving from nearby LaGuardia Airport has collided with a flock of geese and the plane had to be ditched in the Hudson River. Geese are to be killed within a five-mile radius of LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports.
     Marty has been asked by Tanesha who is a member of Goose Watch to help her save the geese. Marty has destroyed crates being used to round up the geese. Marty has replaced geese rounded up in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with goslings bought online from Stromberg’s Chickens. Marty has tried to call geese way from Kennedy Airport using a goose call, but the geese have returned to the marsh near the airport. In a final act of desperation, just before the geese are to be rounded up by the department of agriculture, Marty decides to try to inspire a rebellion among the geese by having his helper Don shoot one of the geese. Will Marty’s plan save the geese?
     John Dyson took several years to write and workshop this novel and it was completed in February 2020. He's currently looking for editing, cover design and formatting help before publication which is planned for 2021.