Dead Horse Bay

“If you are looking for a unique and interesting read this week, pick up this book. I read it and enjoyed it!” - Doc Marine, Amazon Review
“After a plane strikes a flock of geese and has to make an emergency landing New York City officials decided to kill all the geese. Enter our hero, a young law school student, and activist who commits to saving the geese. The book could use an edit, especially where dialogue and POV are concerned. Still a story worth reading. If you enjoyed The Monkey Wrench gang you’ll like this book." - Ready Reader, Amazon Review

     John Dyson got the idea for this story in 2012 when he met a student on the beach at Dead Horse Bay. The student was upset because the beach (Bottle Beach) was covered by trash that had washed out of the landfill that the beach stood on.
     John began to look for a story about Dead Horse Bay. He wanted a story with a traditional arc-plot.
     The story that John came up with was ‘save the geese.’ It followed the attempts to rescue geese near Dead Horse Bay.
     In 2010, in Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn in New York City an unlikely trio come together to save geese that are scheduled to be killed.
     After a plane collides with a flock of geese, forcing it to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River, the local authorities decide to kill all the geese within a 7-mile radius of New York City airports. Tanisha, a twenty-something student at Brooklyn Law School and a member of the activist group Goose Watch, is committed to saving them, a mission she understands will be a challenge. She finds a partner in Marty, a cranky but charming 73-year-old New Yorker who happens to own a sailboat, their means of getting out to Kennedy Airport, the site of the one of the goose kills. Marty is initially unmoved by the birds’ plight; he confesses, “I’m not sure that I care for geese.” However, he is angry about Kennedy Airport’s construction, which led to the destruction of the local environment, a once-vibrant aquatic community (and Marty’s “playground” as a child) reduced to a “dead zone.” Marty also remembers the disruption that the airport caused at school as the first jets took off from the airport; the jets were so noisy that they drowned out the lessons, starting what became known as jet-stop teaching. Eventually, Marty comes to care for the geese as much as Tanisha, and is inspired to hatch various plans (some of them hilarious) to save them, a dedication that gets him into trouble with the law and links the pair with Don, a former duck hunter now haunted by the death he once caused. Will Marty, Tanisha and Don be able to save the geese?

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ISBN: 978-0-578-87757-0
Library of Congress Control Number: 2021905443
Distributors: Ingram, KDP
Publisher: Mighty Hamster Press
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