Rhythm ‘n’ Blues

     This was John Dyson’s first novel and it is semi-autobiographical. It’s about an English Guy finding his way after moving to New York City in the 1980’s.
     Johnny has a thing for black women but where he grew up there were few if any black women and his shyness almost guaranteed that he would not meet any. Moving to New York changed this as there was an abundance of black women, some of them might want to date him. However, caught staring at a young black server in McDonald’s he is unable to answer when her friend asks “Why don’t you date her?” his embarrassment shows, as his face turns deep red.
     A week later Johnny’s plans to check out the Jazz in New York are put on hold when his boss tells him to get a haircut, buy a suit and sends him to work in Philadelphia. Johnny is a few days into this assignment and is sat at the hotel bar brooding over his bad luck when he is seduced by a pretty black girl called Alex.
     Johnny and Alex’s relationship survive hostility from Alex’s brother and an encounter with a guy on the street who blocks Alex’s path as they try to enter a café and asks her, “Do you have a problem with Brothers?” It also survives the advances of Johnny’s gay neighbor, Bob. Bob has the hots for Johnny and Bob feels that Johnny could do better than Alex.
     Johnny likes dogs but things fall apart when they argue over Alex's dogs. The older dog had fouled the apartment and the younger more active dog has spread the mess. Johnny is angry about this but Alex loves her dogs and she sees them as her babies.
     John Dyson completed this novel ten years ago and it was edited by A J Picard and sent to several publishers and was rejected. John still thinks that the plot is solid and original, and he might come back to it someday.